The first ever discount card for London's ethical explorers and shoppers

Get exclusive discounts at ethical restaurants, cafes, bars, venues and more… this is the brand new Gotilo Card

With the gotilo card, we want to help you...

Discover something new and amazing

Ethical stores, meaningful experiences, eco bars, vegan restaurants and venues in London with a heart…. No more faceless corporate lunches, it's Gotilo time!

Save money

Community businesses look out for each other. Get discounts, perks and offers on London’s premiere local, inspirational venues having a positive impact in our community.

Live your values

Need a new lunch spot, restaurant, place to chill or drink or listen to music? Why go anywhere that doesn’t make a real difference? We definitely wouldn't...

So What's Next, People?

The Gotilo card is an idea in development to help you save your way around London’s ethical and eco-conscious spots. If you like these broad strokes, why not support our mission; pre-register your interest today. You’ll be the first to know about it as it evolves