Black Cat Cafe

This friendly vegan cafe is a workers co-operative, offering healthy and fairly-priced food in a cosy setting

The Black Cat Cafe certainly has the bohemian vibe you’d expect from a vegan cafe. There’s mismatched sofas, sharing tables and the menu is written up on a blackboard. That being said, there’s really nothing pretentious about this place – from the welcoming staff to the affordable prices (you can get a main course, drink and maybe even dessert here for under a tenner), it’s a very friendly place to eat. The menu isn’t large, but has plenty of options for those either looking for the light and healthy or something heartier on a chilly winter’s eve. People rave about the salad selection, full of your usual super foods – beetroots and kale galore. If you’re looking for your fill of protein and carbs, you can’t go wrong with the chickpea curry or the lentil burger with a side of chunky chips… and then there’s the vegan fry-up – a great option for weekend brunch. If you’re more of the sweet-toothed type, don’t fear. Expect plenty of pastries, brownies and cakes waiting for you on the counter.


The Impact

Black Cat Cafe is a workers co-operative aiming to promote an ethical and cruelty-free lifestyle. In addition to providing affordable and healthy plant-based meals, the cafe hosts vegan groups and even has an on-site bookshop selling cookbooks and activist literature at cheaper rates than you’d find elsewhere.

Here’s what they said

Black Cat is a 100% vegan and cooperatively run space in Hackney, London.

We serve delicious vegan snacks, meals, the best sausage rolls and samosas in the universe, incredible cakes, milkshakes and Zapatista coffee. We also have an excellent retail offering, with more vegan chocolates than you’ve ever seen before (cheapest VEGO in town!), cheeses, faux meats, tofu, tempeh, Club Mate & Fritz Kola (awesome soft drinks from Germany) AND we have tonnes of books for sale.