Deptford Cinema

Deptford's first ever operating cinema, fashioned out of a converted garage by local community volunteers. It continues to be led and run to benefit local residents, offering affordable tickets and inclusive, film-related events and screenings

Lewisham used to be the only London borough without an operating movie theatre… that was, until local community activists in Deptford came along and converted an old garage into a 40-seat cinema. This unique venue is not just great for the community, either: it’s one of the best places in the city to watch independent – and in particular, socially-minded – films. Expect to come across screenings here that you won’t find anywhere else in London. And in addition to this award-winning independie programming, Deptford Cinema is now also home to ‘The Corridor’ gallery space, offering an affordable
street-facing venue for local artists to exhibit their work.

Being just a few years old, we’re promised that there’s much more to come from this venue… so watch this space.

The Impact

Deptford Cinema is run for the benefit of the local community. It is a not-for-profit social enterprise and managed according to a non-hierarchical structure where decisions are made by consensus at weekly, meetings that anyone is welcome to attend. Tickets are kept at affordable prices (around £5 at the time of writing) and the cinema is committed to showing socially-minded and inclusive films that reflect the diversity of the local community – from LGBTQ+ seasons to Latin American film nights.

In terms of accessibility, personal assistants can attend screenings at no extra charge. Guide animals are also welcome. Please click here for more details about accessibility.


Here’s what they said

The cost of a cinema ticket today can be upwards of £12 and even more when you factor in the travel for Lewisham residents to nearby Greenwich or Southwark, or central London; it is increasingly no longer an affordable night out. Cinema should be for everybody, more often, and that’s the ethos of Deptford Cinema, providing interesting cinema, that’s also accessible

Deptford Cinema is being built by the community, for the community…. The programming of events and films is open to anybody to show the films they want, and the cinema will be a hub for all things film in Lewisham.


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