The Hard Yard – Angel

This prison-inspired workout regime will get you seriously fit... with an extra post-workout buzz of knowing that you're also helping ex-offenders rebuild their lives

The Hard Yard is an inspirational fitness brand that trains and employs ex-offenders to lead tough workouts, all inspired by the gruelling bodyweight exercises they learnt to keep in shape while stuck in a cramped prison cell.

Workouts usually last 45 minutes and it’s all based on your own bodyweight – no equipment needed. The trainers specialise in a compact style of training that can be taken anywhere, from your sitting room to a hotel room. You’ll be guided through a warm up, 30 minutes of hard graft and a cool down. Workouts alternate between cardio and strength exercises to keep it varied throughout.

All trainers are fully trained with Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing as a minimum and many are also qualified Personal Trainers.

The Hard Yard currntly offers classes in Southwark and Angel and if this sounds like your bag, here are the prices (basically, the more you train, the cheaper it gets):
  • 3 sessions per month – £12 each
  • 5 workouts per month – £10 each
  • Unlimited workouts per month – £60


The Impact

Fitness plays a hugely important role in many prisoners’ life on the inside. Many leave custody in great condition with qualifications and have come up with ingenious exercise regimes to keep in shape within the confines of their prison cell. However, stigma and negative perceptions make it difficult for them to find employment, particularly in the fitness industry where image is everything. The Hard Yard offers a second chance to ex-offenders by offering training and employment opportunities within the business.


Here’s what they say

Forget gimmicks. Our trainers started out in prison. They developed the resilience + determination to keep going, however tough it gets. Now they show Londoners how to do the same in their workouts. We’ll get you pumped, sweating + sculpted.

Training is about more than aesthetics; it’s about perseverance, graft + mindset. Our trainers are on their own journeys making positive, permanent life choices. So can you.